Why Should You Trust MKS Events?

So you know I got this hairbrained idea while helping to plan my sister's baby shower. I thought about how much work it was, but also how much I loved it. I am a bit of a control freak with a knack for organizing, also just a little bossy. Still, why would you trust me with any important day, let alone some of the most important ones. All I can say is this is my passion and my dream.. I want to make these days something you can cherish for the rest of your life. I want you to enjoy every single moment without any stress to mar the joy. I know how hard it is to work so hard on something that you cannot even enjoy it for worrying about what will go wrong. Let me take that burden from you.

I am ridiculously organized when it comes to planning. I make VERY detailed schedules, with a little humor thrown in for fun. I have a contract that is also very detailed to protect both of us, but it can also be flexible, to add or take away products and services as needed. I get to know my clients, these are important days in your life and I want to make them important to me too, so that I feel the same passion you feel.

Obviously I do not have a page displaying the services I offer for other events. That is because I have not been hired to plan anything besides weddings, but I definitely want to offer more than wedding services, so if you are looking for another kind of service, do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you.

This photo if of me setting up my very first wedding, I cannot wait to add yours to my gallery,

Mandy K Shores